2013 has gotten off to a great start for the Doggie Celebrities.   This is our brand new website.   And we have been busy filming a European TV show!   It's been so much fun!!!   The show will air daily in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and several other European countries, leading up to the Oscars!!  Here is a behind the scenes picture of Shanna Olson and Jack Pomeranian getting their hair and make up done for the show.  
Doggie kisses!! 
Geir Roar Kristiansen
1/13/2013 03:14:46 am

Hii Doggie Celebrities!! Congratulation with new design on your web page. Looks great and now its a lot more easy to post comments. Dont need to type a code of letters and numbers that was difficult to read anymore.. Thats great!!


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